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🏒 Address: LR 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU

Cancellations and Returns

We guarantee your satisfaction with a 30-day money-back guarantee on any faulty goods unless otherwise stated. For returns or exchanges within 30 days of receipt, please contact us through our website for further instructions.

πŸ” Important Note on SD Cards:
If your navigation system does not have an existing SD card, or the old one is non-functional, please contact us before making a purchase. We do not offer services for free trials. Should you purchase the wrong item, a Β£10 fee will be applied for an exchange. No returns are accepted if you wish to test our SD card on a non-operational navigation system.

Return Policy for Navigation Updates and Codes

We specialize in providing top-quality navigation services and map updates. However, it’s crucial to understand our return policy for specific products, such as FSC codes for BMW and codes for Mercedes.

🚫 Non-Returnable Items:

International Orders

We dispatch your order promptly, typically within 2 business days. International orders are generally received in under 5-9 working days.


We, including our host, are not responsible for any illegal activities related to this site. The backup devices and services are for legal use only. Users are responsible for their actions and agree to comply with software laws, copyright acts, and our terms while using our services.


We respect customer privacy. Third parties are only involved in order fulfillment and are prohibited from disclosing any details to others.

Final Notes

Ensure to read the software license agreement or the original disc case/cover for any specific conditions regarding making a personal backup. All our products and services are compliant with the UK COPYRIGHT, DESIGNS AND PATENTS ACT 1998 and SECTION 117 OF THE US COPYRIGHT LAWS.

For more detailed information, clarifications, or inquiries about our navigation services, map updates, and satnav solutions, please feel free to email us at